Media Mentions

Miami Herald: Gables resident sues city over ‘Big Brother’ surveillance of cars on the street

(October 26, 2018)

“A Coral Gables resident is suing the “City Beautiful” over a license plate reader system that law enforcement officials say captures data on almost every vehicle that enters or leaves the city. The plaintiff, Raul Mas Canosa, says the collection and retention of vehicle movement data by license plate readers is a violation of constitutional rights to privacy.”

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Miami New Times: Coral Gables Resident Sues Florida Over License-Plate Readers

(October 23, 2018)

SOURCE: Miami New Times

“In the seven years since Coral Gables began installing automatic license-plate readers, resident Raul Mas Canosa estimates the city has captured images of his car "thousands of times." It's a reasonable guess: By the end of the year, the City Beautiful is on track to scan more than 30 million license plates despite having a population of only 50,000.”

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