Forbes: Florida Voters Join Chevron Revolt And Strike A Blow Against Judicial Bias 

By Mark Chenoweth

(Nov 8, 2018)

“What has already been a very good year for Chevron reform just got even better. By rejecting officially sanctioned judicial bias, Florida voters furthered a positive trend that has turned 2018 into the year of the Chevron revolt. With the passage of Amendment 6, the Sunshine State became the fourth state this year to reject rules that require judges to abandon their duty of judging in favor of legal interpretations made by government bureaucrats.”

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Florida Record: Coral Gables' use of license plate readers goes against Constitution, New Civil Liberties Alliance attorney says

(November 1, 2018)

“Coral Gables resident Raul Mas Canosa is suing the city and the state in a complaint that alleges he has been followed for years through the use of the state's license plate readers, and his attorney believes his client's constitutional rights have been violated. 

"If you look at the way the city initially envisioned the license plate reading program, it was clear that their original consideration was for a 30-day retention program, and because of the cover that was given by the administrative agencies, they changed that to three years of data retention," Mas Canosa's attorney, Caleb Kruckenberg with New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), told the Florida Record.”

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Forbes: Have Americans Forgotten Why Due Process Matters?, Mark Chenoweth

(October 16th, 2018)

“America has a due process problem.

Whether one considers the contentious recent Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Title IX proceedings on college campuses, or federal agency hearings in front of administrative law judges, this country is in danger of forgetting about the Bill of Rights and why due process matters. Rights violations are rampant in all three of these contexts, and the resulting damage to justice, fairness, and—importantly—the perception of justice and fairness is incalculable.”

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Liberty and Law Blog: Liberalism as Armed Doctrine: A Conversation with Philip Hamburger, Richard M. Reinsch II

(August 15th, 2018) 

"Every book that Columbia law professor Philip Hamburger writes changes discourse on a subject. The author of Separation of Church and StateLaw and Judicial Duty, and the award-winning and Supreme Court cited Is Administrative Law Unlawful? now turns his inquisitive mind to the liberal mind. He joins us to discuss his latest book Liberal Suppression."

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