Legal Interns & Externs

Washington, DC

About the New Civil Liberties Alliance:

The New Civil Liberties Alliance is a public-interest law firm founded by Professor Philip Hamburger of Columbia Law School to protect the civil liberties and constitutional rights of Americans from incursions by the administrative state. We are looking for current law students interested in working as interns or externs, either during the summer or the school year, to help with this important mission. Law students who work for us will be operating at the highest level of legal advocacy at an exciting time when courts, including the United States Supreme Court, are recognizing the threat posed by the administrative state.

Description of the role:

Administrative power systematically threatens constitutional freedoms, including first amendment rights of speech, free exercise of religion, association and petition, jury trial rights, and due process. Recent court opinions and academic debates, major conferences on Chevron and other deference doctrines—such as the 2017 & 2018 Federalist Society National Lawyers Conventions—are increasingly devoted to this topic. Working in this field will give law students and new lawyers a rare opportunity to shape the development of American law to restore original constitutional principles in the critical decades ahead—and to say that they participated in the beginning of the movement.

So far, our team of lawyers has filed original litigation representing clients in key cases, filed amicus briefs in high-profile Supreme Court and federal circuit court cases, and filed petitions for rule making with nearly every major federal administrative agency. Students interested in working with us should have first-class legal research and writing skills, a passion for civil liberties and constitutional law, sound judgment and an ability to think strategically.

Our team consists of accomplished lawyers and other professionals who are deeply committed to and passionate about our mission. We work hard, enjoy a challenge, cultivate a creative, thoughtful and fun atmosphere, and look forward to the incomparable rewards of clients well-represented and work well done. Law students will be expected to conduct legal research, write memoranda of law, help identify case opportunities, and learn from our experienced litigators about all aspects of NCLA’s work.

Applicants should submit a resume, transcript, two writing samples unedited by others, and a cover letter explaining their interest in NCLA’s work to Peggy Little at Our needs are ongoing, but those interested in applying for summer legal internships should apply no later than February 15, 2019, as spaces will fill up quickly. The positions are unpaid, however, NCLA can put applicants in touch with potential funding sources for summer internships. NCLA can also work with your law school if it offers paid public-interest fellowship support for summer internships or term-time externships.