Protect Constitutional Liberties From Systemic Threats, Primarily the Administrative State.

In opposition to the administrative usurpation of legislative and judicial powers, NCLA defends the freedom of Americans to live under state and federal laws enacted by their elected representatives and their right to have these laws enforced against them in courts with impartial judges. It asserts their right to juries and the due process of law.

NCLA demands that judges exercise independent and unbiased judgment without deferring to administrative agencies. Concerned about the growing administrative control of speech, NCLA defends the freedom of Americans to inquire, speak, and publish freely, unrestrained by prior administrative licensing and other administrative restrictions. Most expansively, NCLA urges Americans to recognize the administrative threat and join our civil liberties movement against it.

For over a century, administrative power has gradually displaced the Constitution’s avenues for lawmaking and justice. Although we still have a republic, there has developed within it a very different sort of government— an unlawful administrative state within the Constitution’s United States.

In the administrative vision, rights give way to unlawful power.

  • You have equal voting rights in electing lawmakers, but legislative power is surrendered to those who allegedly know better.

  • You have a right to be tried in court, before a judge and jury, except when the government proceeds against you administratively.

  • You have a right to the familiar civil and criminal burdens of proof, and all of the other procedural rights secured by the Constitution, unless the government proceeds against you administratively.

  • You have a due process right to the independent judgment of an unbiased judge, but not when administrative agency pre-determines the facts and interprets the law.

  • You have a right to the freedom of speech, without prior licensing of speakers or words, except when the government establishes administrative licensing.

  • You have a right to the benefit of lower court precedent interpreting federal statutes, unless an administrative agency adopts a different interpretation.

Because of these and other administrative threats, the New Civil Liberties Alliance believes it is time for a broad reestablishment of basic constitutional freedoms.